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Alison Turner grew up in the mountains of Colorado, where she learned to endure large amounts of time in inclement weather waiting for buses. After completing degrees at CU Boulder, the University of Alberta, Bennington College, and the University of Denver (comparative literature, comparative literature again, creative writing, and literary studies), she has confirmed that, yep, she loves reading and writing. Her work has found readers (she hopes) in the journals Western American Literature, Archivaria, American Archivist, and Community Literacy Journal, among others. In 2023, her first collection of short stories was published with Torrey House Press.

DSC_0574 (1).jpg

Alison, wind-swept hair, 2021.

Photo Credit: Ashley Gresh

Alison also digs community literacy and community writing. She has collaborated with colleagues, staff, and residents/guests in shelters throughout Denver to co-publish a podcast, two zines, and an oral history project to celebrate and record the knowledge and creativity of people experiencing homelessness. She is currently a 2022-2024 ACLS Leading Edge Postdoctoral Fellow with Operation Shoestring in Jackson, Mississippi. 

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